I’m sonja Stirnimann.


We all have our stories


We are the summary of all our experiences.

That fact makes it so precious to bring together personalities with different perspectives, backgrounds, beliefs and missions.

Our own individual stories are unique – as we are.

To Get an overview


“Driven by curiosity I would need more than just one life to discover the world and its chances and challenges. The root cause goes back to my early childhood.”

The combination and evolvement of technology and human behaviour are cornerstones in her daily work – accompanied by continuous development.

Wherever I engage - I do it with passion.

I am grateful for all my engagements and the interaction with inspiring individuals.”

Experience and Knowledge are everything



Integrity & Strategy

Integrity matters most. Broad operational and strategic expertise through all levels of hierarchies allows me to think and act strategically for the sake of the vision.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Good governance is what protects our vision, our people and our crown jewels. I go far beyond regulatory compliance only – for peoples’ and companies’ security.


Finance & Communication

The interpretation of figures combined with the ability to communicate and negotiate is a highly valuable skill set. In good times and crises.

something to Think About


Pitfalls In Ethics and Integrity

There are plenty of reasons that even organisations with great intention struggle with integrity issues but there are a few pitfalls which could be eliminated to start with.

Why integrity is about dreams

A practical way to anchor integrity as the roots of integrity goes back to the individual value system of each single person involved in the system we take into consideration.

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