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ideas becomes strategies and more

passion to create, Share, challenge.

Based on her profound expertise in Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance, Finance and Negotiations there is no such thing as creating new ideas and establishing visions. Some of them end in a new business, in a book, in training concepts, in a movie or just in articles.

Here you find a few “Think Tank based” projects which will be accompanied by even more in the future.

Sharing knowledge, creating value and challenging the status quo to achieve the next level.

Practice experience Makes theory Perfect

Academical theory
business life.


Thankful for everybody who thought me lessons – that’s what led me to become a lecturer already at a very young age. Combining the theory with practical – real – examples is what people can memorize and bring into their environment.


The development of new models, concepts and methods to implement strategies, risk management tools and processes summarizes experience, knowledge and the ability to implementation. By writing about it, the content is available for everybody in my community.


The broad experience allows me to act as an expert and assessor in different settings – especially for second opinions in conducted expert opinions, reports, internal and external investigations, negotiations and C-Level integrity interviews.

Knowledge is everything



Fact based

Led by facts and not by rumours. The fact based approach is necessary for my professional work as an expert in this field of expertise. In assessing, lecturing and writing. 



If words – spoken and written – can not be understood, my work is not good enough. Explaining complex contexts by using coherent language is one of the targets.



My clients name are never displayed. Neither in the practical examples of my writing or lecturing nor elsewhere. I follow the highest standard of code of conduct in my professional bodies and associations.

Educational institutes (excerpt)


My clients and I valued discretion. Many thanks to these organizers, who advertise events held by me in public.

Please note: Company internal training, events, workshops as well as projects are not published and confidential.

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press Media.

Supporting the press with facts and figures helps to raise awareness for Corporate Integrity, Governance, Risk and Compliance and is one of the preventional steps towards protecting our economy and society from misbehaviour resulting in Non-compliance, White-collar and Cybercrime.

Providing facts and figures

Media / press

The human factor in cyber resilience (in swissVR Monitor II/2023)

Interview with Sonja Stirnimann on the role of the human (risk) factor in cyber resilience.

Human factor

Enlightenment instead of hopelessness: “return” reports in a practical way how to recognize crises at an early stage and how to avoid them in the best case. 

An article by Sonja Strinimann:
Risk Management – Forward-looking corporate management combats compliance violations, among other things, at an early stage.

Let’s talk about the human factor (2nd edition).

Social Engineering is not new nor is only conducted in business. Would you like to learn how to deal with social engineers? Being able to recognize the red flags and becoming a leader for the future? Join the journey of expanding the horizon, changing perspectives from manager to fraudster to leader to victim and responsible individual.

“… Many examples show how diverse and sophisticated the approach of the perpetrators is. The book shakes up and convinces how important an intensive discussion of the topic is.” (Hamburger Wirtschaft, Issue 12, 2018).

Protection against damage to assets and reputation (Meine Firma. Das KMU Magazin der Axa / 02.2019)

Even well-managed companies are not immune to damage from criminal acts, whether by employees or third parties. Such crimes cannot be completely ruled out – the financial consequences, on the other hand, can.

Ripped off! The investment fraudster Felix Vossen (ZDF info / 2019)

Felix Vossen – a radiant entrepreneur on the outside, a clever cheater in secret, wanted by FBI and Scotland Yard

Spying employees - When the enemy sits in their own ranks (HANDELSBLATT / 2018)

What happens when employees steal data? The medium-sized company Compware Medical almost perished. A didactic play.

White-collar crime: the human factor (Compliance Praxis / 2018)

Interview with Sonja Stirnimann on the causes, motivations and life cycles of white-collar crime.

Tough, but hearty (HR Today / 2018)

When there is a fire, she blossoms into top form: Sonja Stirnimann accompanies companies in crises and in cases of white-collar crime, non-compliance and cyber attacks.

HR should think for itself (HR Today / 2018)

In the video portrait Sonja Stirnimann talks about what has shaped her and what she expects from human resources.

Ability to act in case of cybercrime emergency (ExpertSuisse / 2017)

Data loss and cyber attacks are business-critical operational risks in the digital world. A cyber attack can be life-threatening, especially for medium-sized companies, and jeopardize their continued existence. If non-compliance and white-collar crime (including cyber attacks) are suspected, correct action is indispensable.

Responsibility and procedure in case of emergency (Sicherheit und Recht / 2017)

In today’s digital and mobile world, data loss and cyber attacks are operational business-critical risks, which every company has to keep an eye on. Cyber criminals seek the weakest point in a system, which is often affected by the human factor. Such attacks take place against banks as well as against service or manufacturing enterprises. Especially for medium-sized companies a cyber attack can quickly be existence-threatening. In case of suspected non-compliance and white-collar crime, acting correctly is therefore indispensable. This article shows preventive options for action and the right approach in each individual case. A preparation for such cases is presented in the FraudAidKitTM method, which in the form of an “emergency kit” provides an adequate and practical instrument for dealing with emergencies.

The auditor: Unbiased & responsible (Treuhand und Revision, Jahrbuch 2017)

Bias and its influence on the responsible role of financial statement makers, auditors and investigators are an omnipresent risk. Only if the experts are aware of this, know how to deal with it and know the measures to be taken is it possible to carry out an unimpeded audit or investigation.