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giving corporate integrity a voice.

Let us dive into the world of corporate integrity, ethical leadership, and its success factors.

Without being sensitised, we quickly find ourselves surrounded by different patterns of white-collar crime, non-compliance, and cyber-crime.

Compressed knowledge in easily digestible doses to protect your company, your employees, your customers, and yourself – as a business leader or entrepreneur.

The podcast is an extract of the three decades of experience earned by Sonja Stirnimann.

Sonja shares her knowledge because she is convinced that raising awareness is the most effective preventive measure to protect individuals and organisations asset and reputation.

No matter whether we talk about accounting scandals, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, investment fraud, compliance breaches, tax evasion, data theft, extortion, allegations of corruption and bribery, cyber-attacks, or a combination thereof.

They all have in common that the successful implementation of the organisation’s strategy, the asset and reputation protection as well as the ability to act in crises is put at risk.

Let yourself be inspired by insights, interviews, and use cases in corporate integrity with its various factors impacting human behaviour.

WHATThere are people in the room poisoning the organisation. If they are sitting on your C-suite – it will negatively impact the vision but not only that.By understanding and identifying the red flags of such distracting traits you protect the organisations vision, strategy, and culture. It is worth to do so! WHYAs member of a […]