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Let us dive into the world of corporate integrity, ethical leadership, and its success factors.

Without being sensitised, we quickly find ourselves surrounded by different patterns of white-collar crime, non-compliance, and cyber-crime.

Compressed knowledge in easily digestible doses to protect your company, your employees, your customers, and yourself – as a business leader or entrepreneur.

The podcast is an extract of the three decades of experience earned by Sonja Stirnimann.

Sonja shares her knowledge because she is convinced that raising awareness is the most effective preventive measure to protect individuals and organisations asset and reputation.

No matter whether we talk about accounting scandals, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, investment fraud, compliance breaches, tax evasion, data theft, extortion, allegations of corruption and bribery, cyber-attacks, or a combination thereof.

They all have in common that the successful implementation of the organisation’s strategy, the asset and reputation protection as well as the ability to act in crises is put at risk.

Let yourself be inspired by insights, interviews, and use cases in corporate integrity with its various factors impacting human behaviour.

We cannot deny the changes and additional requirements. Therefore, I am convinced that it needs some reflection and review of the investigations process too.  The use cases and examples of the last few months demonstrated a wide variety of maturity level of the teams conducting investigations. And by saying that, these different set-ups and processes were […]
I would like to focus on three aspects how the fraud industry was and is affected by the pandemic  Fraud Risks  Anti-Fraud Programs  Investigations  Fraud Risks  When it comes to the question how the pandemic affected the different risks of becoming a victim there were different areas to be taken up  How was the risk […]
The ability to change perspectives – not only when it comes to risk – is crucial for business leaders. As initially mentioned, I will introduce three perspectives to identify risks. This means only three and not all the six we have for example in our toolbox called “Personal Risk Area Identifier” Starting with three will […]
Risks are managed differently. Some of them can be managed by a vaccination. Others not. Fraud, economic crime, cyber-attacks, and non-compliance are risks which are not possible to be managed by a vaccination. For the time being…. Board of directors are not only responsible for overseeing management strategy, but also, for their risks management which […]
I am convinced that an implemented code of conduct is essential to set the framework on what we do how. No matter what form such a code has. Bringing up the topic “code of conduct” is often misunderstood as an additional regulatory paper created by one not understanding the business. We call it code of […]
It is obvious that many business leaders feel stressed during crises. Also, the actual pandemic – which could harm the business – can be stressful. And a fraud case often ends in corporate crisis as we can witness reading the daily news. I am sure – this isn’t’ something you want to have on our […]
It is not new that ethical behaviour and integrity increases profitability and attract talents. The right talents! That is one of the responsibilities we have as business leaders. And with that there are frequently seen pitfalls in organisations sabotaging the main vision, the purpose and the initially „good will“ to have a bigger impact. Some of […]
Have you ever tried to convince someone without good arguments? Difficult. Therefore, every negotiation specialist would give you the good advice of understanding the resonating arguments leading to the expected goal. The driving reasons. In this episode you will get ideas how to manage the decreasing willingness to comply within your organisation. And maybe also […]
What are the resources, tools, approaches, or methods you apply when it comes to fraud, misbehaviour, or non-compliance? Today you will learn how the fraud triangle could become your partner in crime during prevention, detection, and reaction to fraud. On a strategic and operational level. What I have experienced of over the last two decades […]
Have you ever asked yourself what kind of tools could be helpful to prevent and identify fraudulent actions or non-compliant behaviour? If so, in this episode you will receive a first tool in form of a hypothesis at hand which I highly appreciate and – after so many years into that business – I use […]