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From a professional and educational background Sonja Stirnimann is a Certified public accountant, holds an International Executive MBA in Financial Services & Insurance, Certified Fraud Examiner as well as Business Mediator and holds a certificate in Financial Mathematics and Statistics as well as in Cyber Security.

Her roles and responsibilities in and with well-known global companies over the past >25 years contribute to her broad international experience in her specialised focus areas.  

She is specialized in the disciplines of integrity, strategy, governance, finance and communication in companies as well as in the comprehensive support of exposed personalities. 

Non-compliance, economic- and cybercrime as modus operandi are a material part of her expertise. Integrity, ability to act and security are her top priorities for her engagements and clients. As a proven expert in corporate governance, she advises those in positions of responsibility and is committed to the ability to act and the reputation of those affected, both preventively and in an emergency as well as a crisis situation.

Sonja also teaches at various universities, technical colleges and professional associations.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced leader.

good to know.

Battle-tried is definitely not an empty phrase in connection with Sonja.

In addition to all the years of experience, the competitive athlete and her adventures as a deep-sea sailor and Atlantic crosser – with relevant crisis experience on water and land – have also left their mark.

Voluntary activities in crisis organisations are also part of it. She definitively has a proven track record in managing delicate situations.

Work Experience.

With more than two decades of professional experience in and for global acting companies she has managed various challenges and stepped through all kinds of hierarchy levels.

She exactly knows what it means the adapt to new situations. Implementing the “beginners mind” keeps her open to change and adaption.

She has a proven track record of crisis management in different situations.

Education at a glance.

  • Global Executive MBA Financial Services & Insurance (Universities of St. Gallen, HEC Montreal, Vlerick Business School Ghent
  • Swiss Certified Accountant
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Certification in Cybersecurity, MIT Sloane
  • Business Mediator (SCCM)
  • Certification in Financial Mathematics & Statistics
  • Co-active Executive Coach (CTI)

Experience and Knowledge Are everything



Integrity & STrategy

Integrity matters most. Broad operational and strategic expertise through all levels of hierarchies allows me
to think and act strategically for the sake of the vision.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Good governance is what protects our vision, our people and our crown jewels.

I go beyond regulatory compliance only – for peoples’ and companies’ security.



The interpretation of figures combined with the ability to communicate and negotiate is a highly valuable skill set.
In good times and crises. Also as a mediator.

more about Her


For all those readers who would like to know more about her – not business related but impacting who she is and what her values are.


It was her dream since early childhood to cross the atlantic on the seaway. So did she in 2008.

Strategy, Leadership and Crisis management at their best! Whenever possible she is on or at the water.


“I have to admit that I am a book addict. Reading is one of the luxury habits I practice every day. No matter how tired I am. Books allow access to the world, different perspectives and broaden the mindset.”


The mindset of a former athlete is still one of her core strengths.

Visualisation, discipline, training, practice, compete, win or lose. Start again. Work hard. Go the extra mile. Never give up. Blood, sweat, tears.


With the beginners mind she re-started playing the saxophone after a very long – business driven – break and decided not to push that dream any longer to her pension plans. Yes, there is still huge room for improvement…