Are you prepared for the worst or avoiding to even think about it?

Doesn’t matter what position are in right now. This episode will give you the elements needed to be prepared for the worst and when I talk about the “worst” it is related to

The incidents which are happening all the time and are hardly discussed…


Actionability is what every leader needs to protect – no matter what kind of situation. To protect the vision, strategy, and business – with all the related shareholders and stakeholder’s interest.

Actionability is the return of “being prepared”.

Therefore – there isn’t anything more important than staying actionable. Which is the not the same as reacting….


The methodology introduces was established over the last ten years and we call it the FraudAidKit™ and divided into five successive phases, which are coordinated in a modular way and include:

– Awareness

– Implementation

– Maintenance

– Alert

– Process

Reflecting on these five stages which are described in detail during this episode – there might be room for improvement in some organisations.

Unquestioned is the fact that:

Being prepared is not “optional”.

Not for leaders who want to shape the culture of corporate integrity. Being prepared protects the mission, vision, strategy – and the most precious assets.

And when I say that – I always have the individual situation in my mind too.

Organisations are built by individuals and it all starts with us.


– How am I prepared?

– How are we prepared?

– For what are we prepared how?


If you would like to hear more about resilience – especially the corporate resilience – you will find it in our episode Nr. 19.


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