What are the relevant areas depending on each other when it comes to organizational crises in the field of integrity and why?  Just upfront- I broke it down to four key areas. Knowing that there were others too and analyzed it from different perspectives. As a board member, advisor, and entrepreneur with an investigative background. 

And if you would also like to reflect on what are the interconnections and why – that is the right episode to do so 


A framework helps to structure. And especially in extraordinary situations, it is proven that an internalized methodology, framework, approach, or even checklist helps to stay actionable. As you know – actionability is our key success factor and whenever possible we share tools to keep you on top of your actionability.  Coming back to these four dependencies I have chosen the ones I see as the most important ones when it comes to integrity.  In the different roles of being a board member, an advisor, entrepreneur but especially a sparring partner when it came to integrity.  Having that framework in mind clarifies the root causes of the actual situation. But more about that in a few minutes.   


With these four areas of dependencies in mind, the importance of each area can be recognized. Need it reactive and preventive. Also, when conduct investigations these four areas give us helpful food for thoughts when we establish the hypothesis. 

As your take-to-the-office assignment, the following reflections 

And by the way: how about drawing the iceberg with your corporate identity and discuss it with other peers in your management team or the board?  


All the details of the Code of conduct – for that we have other episodes which go much further than I do today. For example Episode 10 

Looking at the four areas – which are not isolated.


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