How do you behave when they enter the Internet?  

Do you change your identity and above all your behavior within seconds?  

Most of us would deny this.  

We behave like we do in real offline life. Why? Because we have acquired all these rules, norms, and beliefs over decades.  

For good and bad…. 

In today’s episode, we talk about the different territories – offline and online – and having our behavior in the cyber territory on spot.


Shaping by behaving. Or we could also say leading by example – which is more common in the business world. But I want to start with the behavior of all of us when it comes to new territories.  

The cyber territory is not new anymore and the code of conduct – which is implemented in a lot of organizations – applies too.  


Awareness is essential for all different levels within an organization when it comes to protecting assets.  

To achieve that preventive level of awareness we share additional insights during our leadership circles within the Corporate Integrity Program.  

But nevertheless – I thought it would also be valuable to share that input with our loyal podcast listeners.   

It all depends on the intention of collecting the information, analyzing the patterns, and decide on measurements.  

Big data is an underestimated asset. On both sides, if we look at it from a risk perspective.  

The upside and downside are obvious. 

Being active at the cyber territory means that we all create these assets day by day for different owners.


If you would like to learn more – just visit the show notes where you can find the link to episodes No. 10 referring to the code of conduct.  


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