Would you like to learn about cybersecurity and principles for board governance of cyber risk?

Let’s do that together with Daniel Dobrygowski. He is one of the founders of the Centre for Cybersecurity and the Head of Governance and Trust at the World Economic Forum.

Most of his career he spent as an attorney in private practice. Mainly in litigation on antitrust, intellectual property, and privacy issues for and against high tech companies in San Francisco and Washington DC.

In 2015 Daniel was recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors in its Directorship 100 as one of the most influential leaders in the corporate governance community for work on governance of technology risk.

Just a few highlights of our conversation with Daniel.

“Probably the number one human caused risk is digital risk, is cybersecurity risk.”

“Boards have to understand how cyber, how digital connectivity affects their whole business.”

“We could have cybersecurity incidents that lead to a digital supply chain crisis.”


If you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity please follow the links below:


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