Food For Thoughts.


Unplanned Novel Risks

How you can train your capabilities of identifying novel risk – no matter whether you have to do it as an individual for your family and friends or as a professional for your own business or for the one you take care of?

How to manage the decreasing willingness to comply

Have you ever thought about what “crisis fatigue” could mean in the corporate world? Not only on individual level? What I still see is, the risk of having to many rules to comply with which are not effectively implemented.

Is compliance possible in crisis?

As a result of the current crisis, priorities have been redefined – into the so-called crisis mode of those responsible. Consciously or unconsciously. There is a strong suspicion that this happened unconsciously in many organisations, which increases the risk of misallocation.

The 5 phases of the FraudAidKit™ framework

Are you also a big fan of relevant and straightforward applicable tools? If so, then this practical example from one or our clients could support you during your daily work of managing risks.

How savvy is your compliance program? Part 2

The updated release of the DOJs “evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program” JM 9-28.800 can be seen as a great tool. In our last published article we started with the introduction of the DOJs release focusing on the overview. Now, we go into the details of the key risk areas.

How savvy is your compliance program? Part 1

The updated release of the DOJs “evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program” can be seen as a reminder. In a good way – because a lot of Corporate Compliance Program implementation goals are currently postponed due to the actual.

Desasters – the perfect storm

But only perfect for fraudsters and not for the individuals and the entire economy. The vulnerability of each is abused and does not yet have reached the peak. Being absorbed with the disaster itself leaves us putting fraud to the bottom of our priorities.

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