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Remote work: frowned upon – imposed – valued risk

Risk frowned upon yesterday – today a forced measure – tomorrow a strategic success factor. Yes, this is remote work. Whether from the home office, think tank, co-working or the desert island. Many of us are now forced to work differently than before. Yes, we are isolated from our former live and behavior.

Partners in Crime in Times of Crisis

Incorrect communication can lead to crises. When we talked about crises last year, it was especially those caused by malicious intent. Social engineers, hackers, fraudsters, narcissists and other perpetrators. Today, all over the world, we are talking about a virus that is leading us into crisis. Covid-19.

Risk Corona – panic or strategic prudence?

It can go that fast. Suddenly the view of something is different than a few weeks ago. An issue that has now reached everyone in Switzerland at the latest: the danger of infection with the corona virus Covid-19. What does this risk mean? Is it really „only“ about the infection? Not at all!

Why you should become a taboo breaker for your safety!

Shall we become taboo breakers? One of my clients did. He broke the taboo. For the benefit of his client and their prevention. We became victims of a white collar crime. A great example of learning from delicate situations and passing on what we’ve learned.

Risk – a question of tolerance

One of the most frequently misused and misunderstood terms. Life is a risk. Entrepreneurship, business, politics, sustainability, sports – there is no area of our existence that does not involve one risk or another. Value-free.

Cyberspace: the motive as origin?

More meaningful and practical than trying to pigeonhole all criminals in cyberspace is to look at the DNA of perpetrators accentuated by their motives, to understand it and to deal with the findings individually. However, one possible motive alone does not make a white-collar criminal. We know that.

What about your security in the territory of “Cyber”​?

When we talk about cyber security, this includes protection in the social structures of the Internet. It is about protecting people from the violation of physical or mental integrity. Accordingly, security is a broader view than crime. Cybersecurity encompasses more than cybercrime.

Present and Future: Cyberspace territory

The first steps towards the territory that we call cyberspace were the theories and findings of Lewis Mumford in 1934, an American sociologist who was deeply involved with the subject of „technology and civilization“.

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