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Let’s use the uncanny potential – Fraud Awareness Week 2019

Uncanny? Only for those who still don’t care about integrity. Potential? For those who are even more convinced after last week that sensitization is the most effective form of prevention. Each individual can contribute to this. And that is why it is so important to me!

Fraud Examiner – Profession? Vocation!

There is this question, which comes up again and again and especially in the last weeks when the workshops, trainings and speeches about non-compliance, crisis, white-collar crime have become more frequent in my calendar: What does a fraud examiner exactly o?

Alibi: Code of conduct

We call it code of conduct (CoC) – this meaningful paper (or file in this day and age of digitalisation), which is intended to regulate our actions and give us security in this regard.

Why regular writing makes you more successful

Success suits you well. Everyone. Especially if you are concerned about topics such as cyber attacks, fraud, white-collar crime, compliance violations, money laundering, reputation, IT security, sanctions or similar taboo and crisis topics. For your company or your customers.

Success: Do we have to choose?

Do we have the choices? Yes. Do we have to choose? No. But that’s what they wanted to make me believe for more than three decades. Sport or career or family or free time. What upset me about that? The word „or“.

The Hypothesis Work: Strategists’​ Move

It is indispensable – the hypothesis work – in the perception of responsibility. Regardless of whether it is a matter of developing strategies in the professional, sporting or private environment.

Social Engineering: The (deceitful?) Art of Seduction

We’re still too young for the grandparent scam. We don’t fall for e-mails with strange senders. CEO fraud cannot happen with us. We are only active in the country. The justifications and excuses can be supplemented at will.

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