Today’s guest in my integrity talk is Andrew Samuels.

Get insights why investing in whistle blowing programs can have very large return on investment and how the international standard for whistleblowing management systems has been developed.

Andrew Samuels is the founder and CEO of WislPort and is widely recognised as a thought leader in whistleblowing operations.

Prior to founding WislPort, Andrew has over 20 years of experience delivering complex programmes in the Financial Services, Telecoms and Media Sectors in the UK, North America and AsiaPac, with the last decade specialising in regulatory and compliance programmes including whistleblowing, anti-money laundering and financial crime.

Just a few highlights of our conversation with Andrew Samuels

If people are comfortable speaking up, then you know you’ve got a good organization.

Investing in a whistle blowing program is actually going to have much smaller startup cost that can potentially have very large return on investments.

An average fraud is discovered six months earlier, if it’s discovered via a whistle blowing channel.

Whistleblowing is such a fantastic tool for prevention


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